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Funskool FunDoh Fun Icecream Shop
Ex Tax: Rs.999
Dole out delicious icecreams with Fundoh fun icecream shop playset. It includes 4 Cupcake cases, ..
Funskool Thing a Ding Dings
Ex Tax: Rs.375
Introduce your kids to a whole new world of creativity and fun with the Thing a Ding Dings by Funsk..
Hape Abc Blocks
Ex Tax: Rs.1,599
Little ones can learn the alphabet while having fun with the Hape ABC Blocks. This fun block set fea..
Hape Basic Builder Set
Ex Tax: Rs.1,799
Open-ended building lets kids learn by trial and error. Add extra props to finished pieces to extend..
Hape Blocks Castle
Ex Tax: Rs.1,899
Fantasia Blocks Castle from Hape has uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire buildin..
Hape Stacking Veggie Game
Ex Tax: Rs.1,499
Early Explorer Stacking Veggie Game Can you pick out a veggie without toppling the tower? It's not a..
Hape Under The Sea Blocks
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999
Totally Amazing - Under the Sea Blocks. Uniquely shaped blocks and vibrant colors inspire new ways t..
Lego City Arctic Base Camp
Ex Tax: Rs.9,299
Head out into the wilds and set up the hi-tech LEGO City Arctic Base Camp to explore the secrets of ..
Lego City Arctic Icebreaker
Ex Tax: Rs.10,599
Deliver crucial supplies to the exploration team with the awesome LEGO® City Arctic Icebreaker! Powe..
Lego City Arctic Outpost
Ex Tax: Rs.3,999
Drive out into remote areas with the mobile LEGO® City Arctic Outpost and investigate the secrets of..
Lego City Auto Transporter
Ex Tax: Rs.3,199
Deliver the cars to the dealer with the amazing Auto Transporter! Deliver the shiny new cars to the..
Lego City Cargo Train
Ex Tax: Rs.19,499
Move heavy goods across LEGO® City with the Cargo Train! Move heavy goods – and animals! – around t..
Lego City Cargo Truck
Ex Tax: Rs.2,499
Load up the Cargo Truck!   Load up the Cargo Truck with goods to take to the Cargo Airport. O..
Lego City Coast Guard Patrol
Ex Tax: Rs.7,249
Repair the dinghy with the Coast Guard Patrol!   Head out to the lighthouse quick with the LE..
Lego City Diving Boat
Ex Tax: Rs.1,249
Save the day with the LEGO City Coast Guard 4x4 and Diving Boat. Launch the boat, put on the diving ..
Lego City Fire Chief Car
Ex Tax: Rs.949
Race to the rescue in the Fire Chief's Car!   Help save the day! When the cat gets stuck in t..
Lego City Fire Emergency
Ex Tax: Rs.2,799
Put out the flames in a Fire Emergency!   HELP! An abandoned house is on fire and only the LE..
Lego City Flatbed Truck
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999
Fix the broken down car with the LEGO® City Flatbed Truck!   The car has broken down and the ..
Lego City Helicopter Arrest
Ex Tax: Rs.4,999
Raid the burglars' hideout with the Elite Police Helicopter!   Find the burglars' secret hide..
Lego City High Speed Chase
Ex Tax: Rs.3,149
Pursue the speeding villain with Chase McCain™!   Start a High Speed Chase through the street..
Lego City Hovercraft Arrest
Ex Tax: Rs.4,149
Speed over swampy terrain with the awesome police hovercraft!   The crooks are busy stashing ..
Lego City Monster Truck
Ex Tax: Rs.1,099
Jump over the biggest obstacles in the mighty Monster Truck! Pull the biggest stunts with the might..
Lego City Police Dog Unit
Ex Tax: Rs.3,149
Make a police-dog arrest before the crooks escape with the precious goods! Catch the crooks red-han..
Lego City Police Station
Ex Tax: Rs.10,999
Catch the crooks breaking out of LEGO® City Police Station! Sound the Police Station alarm! The tow..
Lego City Race Car
Ex Tax: Rs.1,099
Speed to victory in the Race Car and win the trophy! Take on any racer with the super-speedy Race C..
Lego City Spaceport
Ex Tax: Rs.8,799
Launch the awesome shuttle from the LEGO® City Spaceport!   It’s launch day at the LEGO® City..
Lego City Tow Truck
Ex Tax: Rs.2,149
Clear the biggest broken-down vehicles with the awesome Tow Truck! When the biggest trucks in LEGO®..
Lego City Train Station
Ex Tax: Rs.4,999
Browse the shops while you wait at the busy LEGO® City Train Station! Take a taxi to the busy LEGO®..
Lego Classic Creative Building Box
Ex Tax: Rs.2,499
Take inspiration from a box full of LEGO® bricks in 37 different colors! There are so many ideas and..
Lego Classic Creative Supplement
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999
Get ideas, get creative and get building!   Get busy building whatever you imagine with this ..
Lego Classic Creative Supplement Bright
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999
Build whatever your heart desires with LEGO® bricks in 20 different bright colors!   Follow y..
Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box
Ex Tax: Rs.4,899
Create all kinds of buildings with LEGO® bricks, windows and doors!   Build up a storm with t..
Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe
Ex Tax: Rs.6,999
Open up for a world of adventure with the 3-in-1 Bike Shop & Café! Open a world of adventures w..
Lego Creator Cargo Heli
Ex Tax: Rs.949
Airlift vital supplies with the awesome 3-in-1 Cargo Heli!   Airlift heavy loads with the hig..
Lego Creator Future Flyers
Ex Tax: Rs.1,899
Thunder through the atmosphere with the 3-in-1 Future Flyers robot!   Step into the future wi..
Lego Creator Highway Cruiser
Ex Tax: Rs.999
Cruise the open road with the retro 3-in-1 Highway Cruiser! Discover the joys of the open road with..
Lego Creator Roaring Power
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Cruise the streets with the ultra-cool 3-in-1 Roaring Power sports car! Feel the awesome power from..
Lego Creator Turbo Quad
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999
Go off-road with the 3-in-1 Turbo Quad! Get on the Turbo Quad and zoom away for thrilling off-road ..
Lego Creator Twinblade Adventures
Ex Tax: Rs.1,499
Spin the massive rotors of the powerful 3-in-1 Twinblade aircraft! This Twinblade aircraft is liter..
Lego Creator Vehicle Transpoter
Ex Tax: Rs.1,899
Climb aboard the awesome 3-in-1 Vehicle Transporter!   Climb aboard the awesome 3-in-1 Vehicl..
Lego Creator Yellow Racers
Ex Tax: Rs.2,499
Get up, up and away in this high-speed 3-in-1 Yellow Racers helicopter! Hold on tight! Take the 3-i..
Lego Duplo All in one Box of Fun
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Learn to discover, build and count with the All-In-One Box of Fun! The LEGO® DUPLO® All-In-One Box ..
Lego Duplo All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Introduce your young builder to a world of creation and counting! This starter set is a great way t..
Lego Duplo Cindrella Castle
Ex Tax: Rs.5,499
Build the castle where Cinderella and Prince Charming will live happily ever after!   Cindere..
Lego Duplo Creative Suit
Ex Tax: Rs.4,349
Add to your child's LEGO DUPLO collection with this great set of brightly colored classic DUPLO bric..
Lego Duplo Deluxe Box
Ex Tax: Rs.4,649
Give your child hours of entertainment with the LEGO® DUPLO® Deluxe Box of Fun. This set makes the p..
Lego Duplo Deluxe Train Set
Ex Tax: Rs.12,499
Take the rocks down the track with the Deluxe Train Set!   Take LEGO® DUPLO® train building t..
Lego Duplo Forest Animal
Ex Tax: Rs.1,849
Meet all the little animals in the LEGO® DUPLO® Forest!   Let’s play with all the cute animal..
Lego Duplo Forest Fishing
Ex Tax: Rs.2,349
Cast your rod for a day of fishing in the LEGO® DUPLO® Forest!   Fix the boat to the roof of ..
Lego Duplo Giant Tower
Ex Tax: Rs.6,249
Build a LEGO® DUPLO® fantasy land of towers, dragons and cute animals!   Inspire your young b..
Lego Duplo Horse Stable
Ex Tax: Rs.2,849
Pitch in at the Horse Stable!   Open the colorful Horse Stable door and help get the horses r..
Lego Duplo My First Circus
Ex Tax: Rs.3,999
Put on the best show in town at the Big Circus!   Come one, come all, the LEGO® DUPLO® Big Ci..
Lego Duplo Ripslinger Air Race
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Race to the finish with Ripslinger and El Chu!   When El Chupacabra faces off against Ripslin..
Lego Duplo Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale
Ex Tax: Rs.3,799
Welcome to Sleeping Beauty’s world with a tower, cottage and a bunny! Welcome to the enchanting wor..
Lego Duplo Treasure Attack
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Launch an attack from the castle to steal the traveling knight’s treasure! Hide in the tree and lau..
Lego Friends Andreas Mountain Hut
Ex Tax: Rs.999
Toast marshmallows on the campfire with Andrea! After a long day of hiking in the mountains outside ..
Lego Friends Heartlake Horse Show
Ex Tax: Rs.4,299
Head to the Heartlake Horse Show and help Stephanie to win the day! Welcome to the Heartlake Horse ..
Lego Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Take a trip in the Heartlake Hot Air Balloon to find the perfect picnic spot!   Go up, up and..
Lego Friends Heartlake Juice Bar
Ex Tax: Rs.3,399
Head down to the Heartlake Juice Bar with Andrea for a delicious smoothie! Head down with Andrea to..
Lego Friends Heartlake Light House
Ex Tax: Rs.3,999
Enjoy a perfect afternoon by the sea at the iconic Heart lake Lighthouse! Stephanie is going to visi..
Lego Friends Heartlake Private Jet
Ex Tax: Rs.2,499
Set off on a dream vacation in an exclusive Private Jet!   Travel like a superstar in the LEG..
Lego Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Help rescue a baby bear in trouble with Mia’s helicopter and Matthew’s offroader! Save the baby bea..
Lego Friends Jungle Rescue Base
Ex Tax: Rs.5,299
Set up home in the Jungle Rescue Base and rescue the little panda! Co-ordinate your animal rescue m..
Lego Friends Jungle Tree Sanctuary
Ex Tax: Rs.3,249
Take care of injured animals at the Jungle Tree Sanctuary! Look after the creatures rescued by the ..
Lego Friends Pop Star Show Stage
Ex Tax: Rs.4,499
Put on a spectacular show with LEGO® Friends!   Get set for a show-stopping performance with ..
Lego Friends Pop Star Tour Bus
Ex Tax: Rs.5,999
Experience the pop star lifestyle on Livi’s Tour Bus!   Drive with Livi the pop star on her a..
Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch
Ex Tax: Rs.7,499
Come and join Mia and Liza as they go horseback riding at the Sunshine Ranch! Time for some horseba..
Lego Juniors House Suitcase
Ex Tax: Rs.2,499
Help build the colorful world of a mom and her daughter!   Join mom who is waiting in her col..
Lego Speed Champions 458 Italia GT2
Ex Tax: Rs.1,399
Speed to glory with the Ferrari 458 Italia GT2! Rev up for glory with the LEGO® Speed Champions ver..
Lego Speed Champions Porsche 918 Spyder
Ex Tax: Rs.1,399
Take the checkered flag with the Porsche 918 Spyder! Go for a thrilling drive with the LEGO® Speed ..
Lego Star Wars Aat
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Recreate your own Invasion of Naboo with the armored AAT™!   As the Trade Federation tightens..
Lego Star Wars Flash Speeder
Ex Tax: Rs.3,999
Deploy the Naboo forces into battle with the agile Flash Speeder!   As the Battle of Naboo ra..
Lego Star Wars Hailfire Droid
Ex Tax: Rs.2,749
Call in mobile firepower with the amazing Hailfire Droid™!   Roll into battle against the clo..
Lego Star Wars Reys Speeder
Ex Tax: Rs.2,749
Speed into action on Rey's Speeder!™   Hover into action on Rey's Speeder™! This cool landspe..
Lego Star Wars T-16 Skyhopper
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
Go canyon hopping on Tatooine with the ultra-quick T-16 Skyhopper™!   Swoop through the canyo..
Lego Star Wars The Phantom
Ex Tax: Rs.2,999
The Phantom Join the Rebel resistance against the evil Empire in The Phantom attack shuttle, as see..
Lego Super Heroes Brainiac Attack
Ex Tax: Rs.2,749
Bring down Brainiac with the Super Heroes!   Panic grips Metropolis as the evil Brainiac lead..
Lego Super Heroes Doc Ock Truck Heist
Ex Tax: Rs.2,599
Foil the Doc Ock Truck Heist with heroic Spider-Man! Doctor Octopus needs money, diamonds and gold ..
Lego Super Heroes Spider Trike Vs Electro
Ex Tax: Rs.1,549
Take on Electro with Spider-Man and the fearsome new Spider-Trike! Electro is menacing the citizens..
Lego Super Heroes X-Men Vs Sentinel
Ex Tax: Rs.4,999
Help Wolverine™ escape from The Sentinel™ with the Blackbird™ jet! Magneto™ is using his powers to ..
Lego Technic Bulldozer
Ex Tax: Rs.3,999
Clear the ground with this powerful 2-in-1 Bulldozer! Get ready to push heavy loads with the awesom..
Lego Technic Container Truck
Ex Tax: Rs.7,499
With a massive front grille, wing mirrors, supporting legs and powerful linear actuators, the LEGO T..
Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck
Ex Tax: Rs.8,899
Drive off-road with this robust LEGO® Pick up Truck! Transport heavy loads over rough terrain with ..
Lego Technic Fire Plane
Ex Tax: Rs.4,749
Product Description Take to the skies for aerial firefighting adventures with the awesome 2-in-1 L..
Lego Technic Formula Off Roader
Ex Tax: Rs.4,999
Take on mountainous terrain with the LEGO® Technic Formula Off-Roader!   Power over mountaino..
Lego Technic Grand Prix Racer
Ex Tax: Rs.10,499
Race to the finish with the Racer!   Get ready to burn rubber in the Racer! This 2-in-1 LEGO®..
Lego Ultra Agents Riverside Raid
Ex Tax: Rs.999
Pursue Adam Acid and retrieve the toxic compounds! Urgent call for rookie Ultra Agent Max Burns! Ad..
Lego Ultra Agents Toxikitas Toxic Meltdown
Ex Tax: Rs.3,999
Stop Toxikita breaking into the lab and stealing the toxic crystal! Report for duty Ultra Agent Cur..
Lego Ultra Agents Tremor Truck Infiltration
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999
Protect the ultra chip from the Tremor Track’s power-punching attacks! Attention Ultra Agent Jack F..