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Chicco Goodnight Moon Pink

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Brand: Chicco
Product Code: 242610


A musical toy for the cot which lulls the dreams of the newborn child with light effects and soft music! Easily fixed to the cot side with a convenient adjustable strap. With music background of classical melodies by Mozart and Bach. The notes on the moon create a magical atmosphere diffusing a soft coloured light which accompanies the newborn child into the world of dreams. The toy is embellished with a cute soft figure sitting watch over baby, embracing the shining moon. 2 modes of use: lights and melodies; lights only.

  • It has 2 modes of operations: lights and melodies or lights only
  • Has a selection of classical music like Mozart and Bach and light effects
  • It relaxes the baby and helps him put to sleep
  • Night time - cot panel with music and light effects
  • A night time relaxing cot panel for babies

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