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Chicco Monkey Strike

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Brand: Chicco
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Bowling set with 6 colorful amusing pins, decorated with monkey faces to strike!

FIT & FUN line is designed to stimulate the child to play and to move through various popular sport toys. These toys are created to promote motor development and other skills like balance, accuracy and coordination and allow the usage at home or out in the open air. They allow the child to become familiar and have fun with sports, with which they can become good at as grown-ups.

MONKEY STRIKE is the first bowling set.  Have fun by doing strike and hitting the 6 colourful amusing pins, decorated with monkey faces! Each pin can be divided in half and piled on top of each other to build colourful towers with 12 interchangeable and stackable pieces that stimulate creativity. In addition, each pin has a different colour and a printed number so that your child can learn to count up to 6.The ball supplied with the game is made in soft material to be conveniently used also at home. Trying to hit the monkey pins with the ball stimulates eye-hand coordination skills and improves accuracy of movements.

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