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Tomy Colour Discovery Hot Air Balloon

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Product Description

The TOMY Infant & Toddler range have a complete product offering of family favourite toys that encourage your child’s development, and keep your little ones entertained for hours! TOMY have a knowledgeable understanding of children’s playtime needs, and continue to provide cleverly designed toys that ensure involved and ‘Kid-Powered’ play. TOMY use ‘KID POWERED’ play to reward children for their efforts of movement, motion and involvement whilst playing, with fun toys with engaging lights & sounds and learning content! This fuels their imaginations which encourage them to play for longer!

Manufacturer's Description


Let your little one’s imagination take flight with the colour discovery hot-air balloon from TOMY. Play colour and shape matching games using the interactive balloon that’s got all the right answers. Scatter the seven colourful animal tiles around the floor and go looking for one of the colours. Ask your child to call out the colour then land the balloon on the tile, the sides will glow the same colour as the tile, then the balloon will call out the correct colour. A game for recognising colours and stimulating memory, you can also go in search of the seven animals pictured on the tiles. Flip them over, mix the up and start again. As well as recognising the colours on the tiles, the balloon is clever enough to recognise colours on other surfaces, too, so the play possibilities are endless. The balloon’s colours will scroll round as you fly. Fun phrases and a lively soundtrack encourage play and there are handles on the side so kids can hang on tight for the ride.Let’s fly high in the sky.


Box Contains

1pc Hot Air Balloon, 7pc Coloured Charater Tile

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