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Cosco Badminton Racket CB-90

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Cosco Badminton Racket CB-90 to make your practice sessions worthwhile

  • Cosco Badminton Racket CB-90 has an ISO head and has a frame made from Aluminium which makes it really light.
  • It further has a shaft made from steel to provide stability.
  • It is Best Suited for Recreational Play.
  • It Comes with a 3/4 cover.
  • Aluminum frame makes the racquet light in weight and enables you to make quick swings with ease.
  • Tempered Steel Shaft Adding stability to your shots is the tempered steel shaft that makes the racquet sturdy and durable.
  • Highly Durable Offering lasting durability, this racquet is fit for regular and heavy use.
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  1. What materials is the Cosco CB-90 Badminton Racket made from?

    • The Cosco CB-90 Badminton Racket is crafted using high-quality graphite and titanium, offering an excellent balance of strength, durability, and lightweight performance.
  2. Is the Cosco CB-90 suitable for beginners or advanced players?

    • The Cosco CB-90 is designed for intermediate to advanced players, providing superior control, power, and precision due to its advanced materials and design. However, beginners looking for a high-quality racket to grow with may also find it beneficial.
  3. What is the weight and balance of the Cosco CB-90 Badminton Racket?

    • The Cosco CB-90 Badminton Racket typically weighs around 85-90 grams and has a balanced to slightly head-heavy configuration, allowing for powerful smashes and agile handling.
  4. Does the Cosco CB-90 come with a cover or case?

    • Yes, the Cosco CB-90 TI comes with a protective cover to ensure the racket remains safe during transport and storage, maintaining its performance and durability over time.