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Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope

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Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope (Educational DIY Learning Toy Kit)

  • Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope STEM Educational DIY Learning Toy kit. A periscope is an instrument for observation over, around, or through an object, obstacle, or condition that prevents direct line-of-sight observation from an observer's current position.
  • This is achieved by using mirrors aligned in a particular pattern so that images are reflected multiple times and carried to the viewer without exposing the viewer. This kit contains all the elements needed to assemble a fully-functional Periscope.
  • Your child will have great fun assembling it and playing with it. They will get knowledge.
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Q1: What materials are used in the Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope kit?

A1: The Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope kit is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, including engineered wood and child-safe colors. The components are durable and designed for safe, hands-on play.

Q2: Is the Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope suitable for all age groups?

A2: The Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope is designed for children aged 6 years and above. It encourages learning through play and helps develop problem-solving skills, making it suitable for young explorers.