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Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit

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Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit - Stick, Sketch, Design and More, Art and Craft Kit

  • Engage Your Little One in a Creative Pack that Explores their Artistic Side Through Sticking, Sketching, Designing and Much More.
  • Content Provides Endless Crafting Possibilities from Storing Photos to Recording Special Moments and Storing Your Deepest Secrets.
  • Simply Fill the Scrapbook to Make it Your Own
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  • What is included in the Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit?

    • The kit includes a scrapbook, decorative papers, stickers, embellishments, glue, and instructions to create personalized scrapbook pages.
  • Is the Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit suitable for children?

    • Yes, the kit is designed for children aged 6 and above, with adult supervision recommended for younger kids.
  • How many pages can I create with the Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit?

    • The kit contains materials sufficient to create approximately 20 scrapbook pages, depending on the level of detail and decoration used.
  • Are the materials in the Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit safe for children?

    • Yes, all materials included in the kit are non-toxic and safe for children to use.
  • Can I add my own materials to the Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit?

    • Absolutely! You can personalize your scrapbook further by adding your own photos, mementos, and additional decorations.
  • Is the Funskool DIY Scrapbook Kit reusable?

    • While the scrapbook itself can be reused by adding more pages, the decorative materials are meant for single-use projects. Additional materials can be purchased separately.