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Funskool Fun Dough Wheel-O-Train

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Funskool Fun Dough Wheel-O-Train for kids

  • Wheel-O-Train! Match the shapes on the wheels to the shapes on the Trains body for form fitting activity
  • The 5 wheels consists of 10 different shapes in total that can be used to extrude dough.
  • The train top acts as an extruder handle to form the amazing shapes & patterns.
  • 4 tubs of fun dough included with this set.
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1. What is included in the Funskool Fun Dough Wheel-O-Train kit?

The Funskool Fun Dough Wheel-O-Train kit includes various molds, train-shaped cutters, multiple colors of dough, wheels, and other accessories to create a fun and interactive train model.

2. What age group is this product suitable for?

This product is suitable for children aged 3 years and above, offering a creative and educational activity that encourages imaginative play and motor skill development.

3. How many colors of dough are included in the kit?

The kit includes several vibrant colors of dough, usually 4-6, allowing children to mix and create colorful train designs.

4. Is the dough safe for children to use?

Yes, the Funskool Fun Dough is non-toxic and safe for children. However, it is not edible and should not be ingested.

5. How do I clean the molds and tools after use?

The molds and tools can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Ensure they are thoroughly dried before storing to maintain their quality and durability.