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Playgro Super Senior Swing

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Playgro Super Senior Swing for Kids & Babies

  • Playgro Super Senior Swing Known primarily for innovating design and structure, Super Senior Swing by Playgro Toys India has everything to meet the eyes and expectations of the growing kids.
  • Perfect for Home, school and Home gardens.
  • Super Senior Swing is easy to fix and is a beautiful combination of attractive design and strength.
  • With its unique structure, this type of swing can be a perfect place where kids can spend a few hours during their playtime.
  • These swings are highly preferred in schools and homes of India owing to their distinct features and properties.
  • Size- L30" x W33" x H43" 
  • Age group 2 Years+
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Q 1: What are the age and weight limits for the Playgro Super Senior Swing?

  • Answer: The Playgro Super Senior Swing is designed for children aged 3 years and older. It has a maximum weight capacity of 60 kg (132 lbs), making it suitable for a wide age range and ensuring that children can enjoy it safely as they grow.

Q 2: How do I install the Playgro Super Senior Swing?

  • Answer: The Playgro Super Senior Swing comes with a comprehensive instruction manual for easy installation. Typically, it involves securely attaching the swing to a sturdy horizontal bar or swing set using the provided ropes or chains. Ensure all connections are tight and double-check the stability before allowing children to use the swing.

Q 3: Is the Playgro Super Senior Swing weather-resistant?

  • Answer: Yes, the Playgro Super Senior Swing is made from durable, weather-resistant materials. The seat is constructed from high-quality plastic that can withstand outdoor conditions, while the ropes or chains are designed to resist rust and wear. However, it is recommended to periodically check for wear and tear and store the swing indoors during extreme weather conditions to prolong its lifespan.