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Ekta The Young Scientist Science Series Set 1 EK155

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Ekta The Young Scientist Science Series Set 1 EK155

  • Circuits and Electromagnets Construct an electromagnet, Design a circuit Maze and Create a One Eyed Monster Young Scientists use their knowledge of electricity to make an electromagnet and a circuit maze.
  • Electricity Design Circuits with Switches, experiment with Conductors and insulators and repel balloons A Great Introduction to electricity. The basics of electricity are explored using balloons, batteries and wires.
  • Mirrors Explore concave and convex mirrors, reflection and solve a Secret Code. Mirror are found everywhere. Young Scientists will learn about Convex Mirrors, Concave Mirrors, and Reflections.
  • Magnetism Study Magnets using Magnetic Fields, Lodestones and Iron Fillings A Great Introduction to Magnetism. Young Scientists shape magnetic fields, construct a magna doodle,
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