The Significant role of toys in a child’s life

The Significant role of toys in a child’s life

Jingle bells- Jingle bells, Jingle all the way, let’s go to Toy fort to buy awesome games

Chicco is there, Lego can be found here, every child needs, they can easily take care

It’s an ocean of oceans, let’s go swim there, also we get great deals, can never find anywhere

School bags, cars, marvel hero, all assemble here, can’t decide what not to buy

So much happiness they share, We love you Toy fort

  • Poem by our little fan, Avika Jain


The Significant role of toys in a child’s life

Writing this blog stirs my fond childhood memories which I share with Legos.


Those small colourful bricks and cute little Lego men were my precious treasures in those times. I still have a few of them in my memories box. Lego was an integral part of my life then!

As a child It always kept me engaged, I used to sit on the floor with all LEGOs all around me, and happily crawling through the entire pile looking for the one piece that fits. I still remember that day, when one of my friends lost my favourite LEGO men, I threw a huge fit back then!

Playing with LEGO bricks had a huge impact on me. The joy of experimenting with the bricks, exploring new and creative ways of building them again into something totally different! , gave me immense happiness and excitement.

I strongly believe that toys play a very important role in a child’s life. 

The way I associate my fond memories with Lego bricks, I am sure many adults like me, who are now parents could relate to the same.

Expert Child Psychologists emphasise the fact that children learn best by playing & toys are the tools that allow them to explore the surroundings they live in. Research also shows that toys in early child development stages, improve the abilities and skills of children that they need to prepare for in life.

Here are some great ideas to highlight the importance of toys in child development.


Development of child’s social and cognitive skills

A new born baby’s brain is about a quarter size of the average adult brain. Incredibly, it doubles in size in the first year and keeps on growing to about 80% of adult size by age three, nearly full grown by age five.

The first three years of a child’s life are critical for learning and development. Brain development is part of cognitive development.

Toys help in promoting child’s cognitive skills by triggering their concentration and memory. Board games, building blocks, counting toys, and colouring books, teach them problem-solving, thereby making them prepared for further growth, plus they also affect child’s language & mathematical skills. 


Development of Child’s motor skills