BrainSmith Quantum Cards Mammals

  • These educational flashcards for toddlers are imperative for auditory and visual stimulation and brain development of babies and kids.
  • This set includes West African Giraffe, Lion Tailed Macaque, Indian Flying Fox, Giant Panda, Moose, Walrus, Beaver, Red Kangaroo, Blue Whale, Koala .
  • These flashcards for kids are backed by research and boost early learning in toddlers and children.
  • The image on the flashcard is isolated on a white background to eliminate distraction and help babies focus on the image.
  • Stimulates Auditory and Visual Sensory Pathways
  • Boosts Memory and Brain Development
  • Builds Language and Vocabulary
  • Introduces New Concepts easily
  • Reduces Screen Time
  • Helps to Create Kids Activities
  • Develops Recognition Skills in Kids