Eksploe My Glow In The Dark Soap Making Lab

  •  My Glow in the Dark Soap Making Lab brought to you by Explore, learn to make fun glow in the dark soaps in 3 shapes using 3 different glow powders & 5 fragrance. Comes with an illustrated instruction manual.
  • Pair of safety gloves, Pair of safety goggles, Soap base, 3 moulds, 5 fragrances, Glow powders, Big measuring beakers, Droppers, Plastic spatulas, Wooden spatulas, Clear plastic film, Gift wrapping paper, Decorative sheet, Illustrated instruction manual.
  • Explore products are EN 71 and ASTM tested, which represents a good quality and safety of materials used in the manufacturing process. 
  •  Through it’s STEM Learner series, Explore aims at helping children take another step forward in STEM education.