Imagimake Mapology – National Symbols of India

  • Includes 7 3D models for National Animal – Tiger, National Bird – Peacock, National Tree – Banyan Tree, National Flower – Lotus, National Heritage Animal – Elephant, National Aquatic Animal – River Dolphin, and the National Emblem

    •  Build, Dismantle & Rebuild for endless play. The easy to fix pieces come with pictorial instructions and a step-by-step guide. The process is completely mess-free as it does not use any glue at all
    •  Did you know the male peacock is more colourful than the female peacock?  Learn 20+ such interesting facts on National Symbols of India while you snugly fit the 3D puzzle together
    •  The content is aligned with the school curriculum and also includes elements of national identity such as the National Flag, National Anthem, and National Song in the Information Guide
    •  7 Thick Sheets with Model Pieces, 3 Thin Sheets with Model Pieces, and Guide Booklet with 20+ Facts