Kalakaram CYO Bath Bombs

  • Bath Bombs Kit contains all you need to make 4 colourful and therapeutic bath bombs. It includes Baking soda (560 gm), Epsom Salt (280 gm), Citric Acid (280 gm), Starch (280 gm), Bath bomb Mould, 4 essential oils (Jojoba, lemongrass, lavender, vanilla), 5 liquid dyes, Measuring Cup and a detailed instruction manual.
  • A bath time treat that incorporates fizzing bubbles, soothing salts and multipurpose essential oils to ease, relax and rejuvenate mind and body is what makes bath bombs hard to resist.
  • This kit offers 4 exotic essential oils; Jojoba for moisturizing, Lemongrass for relaxing, Lavender for rejuvenating and vanilla for uplifting. So mix these up in your bath bomb and unwind yourself! With a detailed instructions guide provided inside the box, the process of making bath bombs is simple and fun.