OK PLAY 3 Way Rocker Red

  • 3 way rocker for kids is made from non-toxic, harmless, high-quality, and durable plastic. The toy comes with rounded edges to prevent injury.• This 3 way rocker is a standout toy for its quality and is 100% Made in India.

    • The 3 Way Rocker is a fantastic rocker that will provide your children with hours of entertainment. It can comfortably accommodate three youngsters.

  • It comes with moulded handles and teaches you how to balance. The robust one-piece design of this rocking toy for kids eliminates the need for assembly.
  • The vibrant and appealing colours captivate your children and provide a broad foundation for child safety.• There are many ways in which can help toddler develop both their fine and gross motor (movement) skills.

    • Toys from OK Play will surprise and delight your young family. The toy that is both safe and durable, as well as fun and educational, that will undoubtedly bring joy.

    • Kids can play at any time and in any location because the toy is lightweight and easy to transport indoor or out.