Rabitat Nutrilock Insulated Steel Bottle Sky Guy

  • Get your kids to drink more water with Rabitat Nutrilock. The bottle comes with an infuser to make your kids sip water infused with nutrients from fruits.
  • The bottle keeps your kids’ favorite fruits submerged in the bottle to give the best of flavored water making your kids ask for more.
  • Made with stainless steel, it’s shatterproof as well as safe to drink from being BPA-free. It looks super cool and attractive with colorful and fun embossed stickers your kids will adore.
  • Easy as a pie, just flick it open and your kids will sip all the goodness of infused water and is spill-free
  • Embossed with colourful and fun stickers, it’s a looker that your kids would own it with so much joy and pride
  • The full-length infuser rod holds more quantity of fruits to get maximum taste and nutrients infused into the water for your kids’ health benefit.