Silverlit Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher

  • Awarded: Best Toy award of 2020; ITEM: Balloon Puncher Robots (Twin Pack)
  • Contain Item In Packet: 2 Robot, 2 Controller/Remote, 2 Goggles, 2 Rubber Band, 24 Balloon, 1 Measuring Ring, 2 Balloon Mount Support, 1 Instruction Manual Bullet Point
  • Two Play Modes: (1) Challenge mode: Play independently and battle with A.I. (a virtual opponent)
  • (2) Versus mode: Battle against a friend or family member (each robot is set to a different channel so they won’t interfere with each other)
  • Control Distance: Max. 5mtr; Play Time: 60mnts || Required Battery: Robot_3x2; Controller_2x2