Skillmatics SQUIK The Sentence Edition

  • SQUIK  is all about using your skill and speed to form sentences with your tiles that equal to the Goal Card! Have hours and hours of fun as you use your brain in a whole new way .
  • Arrange, rearrange, calculate, swap and steal in your quest to be the first to win 5 Goal Cards
  • Use your skill and speed to form sentences with word tiles that make the goal card.
  • To be the first player to win 5 goal cards. Arrange, rearrange, swap and steal tiles from your opponents in order to win.
  • The number of players is 2-5. Hence, can be played with friends and family.
  • Structuring Sentences, Vocabulary Building, Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives, Spellings, Tenses and Plurals.
  •  Strategizing, Focus and Attention, Reflective Thinking, Reading and Comprehension, Social and Communication, Decision Making.