Step2 Game Time Sports Climber

– Step2 Game Time Sports Climber is ideal for engaging social play with multiple children. The spacious design of this climber has many ways to play.

  • Shoot hoops with the built-in basket and included ball, keeping score with convenient clickable knobs on the side.
  • Play a game of kickball or soccer with the crawlspace under the platform which doubles as a soccer goal too!
  • Little athletes can also take turns climbing onto the platform using the ladder and molded-in grips on either side, then take the slide back down to turn around and climb all over again!
  • Built-in scorekeeper – just turn the clicker knobs each time a basket or goal is made!
  • A crawlspace can also be used as a soccer goal or tunnel!
  • Practice pitching with the toss-through wall space as well.
  • Kids can flex their hand-eye coordination as they shoot hoops, toss the ball, and kick on target with lots of ways to practice.

– Features

  • a climbing ladder,
  • slide,
  • basketball hoop,
  • soccer goal, and
  • toss-through wall.

– RECOMMENDED AGE: 2 – 6 Years