The impact of lockdown 2020 on kids

The impact of lockdown 2020 on kids

If there is one thing that unites the people of world currently, it is the Corona Virus outbreak which induced home bound self-isolation globally. Delhi, India, will be completing the 5th week of the lockdown! The current situation is surely tough and hard to endure, especially for children. The UN estimates that 1.25 billion children are currently at home as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. With restriction on outdoor activities and no access to playgrounds, kids tend to get bored and lazy. The impact of lockdown 2020 on kids

Positive effects of Lockdown on kids

The positive side effect of this quarantine period is that while sticking at home, I realised that there are actually so many things and stuff to do at home which were once a part of my “To do List”. The book I bought online and read only 20 pages, the winter scarfs and clothes which were still hanging in my almirah!, the shoe rack which always demanded my attention and so on, the list is countless…… Same applies on children too. Our lives have been so busy until now that we could hardly spare time for our kids and family. So I believe that this Lockdown is the perfect time to spend some quality time with the little ones , to see them nurture while teaching them some invaluable life skills. Not all the studies need to be academic. We want our children to learn life lessons as well. Even how they should fold their clothes, do laundry, cook, clean, learn to live with less.   Following are some of the ways to help children learn while keeping them engaged:

Maintain a timetable –

Since schools are closed, it’s important to reinforce what’s done at school, so make a daily schedule for kids and ensure they spend some time reinforcing what had been done at school. Give them worksheets or assignments to do.

Kid Work out –

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach hosts online workout classes every day. The fitness guru welcomes 8,00,000 families on his Youtube channel and keeps children exercising during the crises. Click the link to watch 5 min workout video specially made for kids So workout with your children to stay fit and active during the quarantine.

Encourage storytelling –

Stories widen our horizons, give us experiences of others, enable us to live through the thoughts and feelings that other situations and people evoke! Recite them our age-old mythological tales of our brave kings.


Clay modeling is a fun-filled activity that keeps the children engaged and entertained for hours. Whether they want to make their own dinosaur, elephant, car, or castle, imagination and creativity are endless. Watch this video and learn to make beautiful butterflies from clay.

Play with board games –

The best thing about board games is that they are played with family which deepens the bond with everyone. Board games like Carom, Chess, Ludo, Monopoly, snakes and ladders, Game of Life, also other similar indoor games like Uno cards, Lego, Jenga, playsets, and puzzles, etc teach your children about problem-solving, and critical thinking

Fireless cooking –

Teach your kids to make their breakfast or evening snacks with easy flameless cooking recipes, just like this one You can try other quick foods like vegetable sandwich fruit chaat, Bhelpuri, or sweet corn salad.

Grow your own Kitchen garden-

kids during quarantine In order to beat lockdown blues, kitchen gardening is also one of the best things to do. It is also an age-old concept in India, which allows healthy eating, free of chemicals/pesticides, and fosters a stress-free mind. To help combat feelings of separation during social distancing you can also practice MEDITATION. TOYFORT shares regular free activity content on its Instagram page, including quizzes, games, challenges, and more. STAY HOME STAY SAFE.

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